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20 Terbaik Situs Visual Basic

Dibawah ini merupakan 20 kumpulan situs visual basic terbaik yang bisa jadi acuan bagi yang ingin lebih mendalami visual basic.

A1VBCode - VB Source Code Site: Provides hundreds free Visual Basic source code snippets and applications in all categories. Submit your own code and win monthly VB prizes.

VB Wire: A Visual Basic news source. This site provides Visual Basic news which is updated daily. The site also provides a weekly VB newsletter which is delivered to your inbox with all of the past weeks VB news.

AppDev Training: Developer Training for Visual Basic, ASP, XML, SQL Server, VBA, Microsoft Access, Visual InterDev, and FoxPro through CD’s, videos, classes and licensing.

ITtoolbox Portal for Visual Basic: Content, community, and service for Visual Basic professionals. Providing technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more.

VB Chat: A place where you can go and chat live about Visual Basic with other Visual Basic programmers around the world.

Just VB Jobs: This is an excellent new job site. It contains a huge database of nothing but VB jobs. It also contains numerous other VB resources which you'll find very helpful.

VBShop - The Visual Basic Shop: Tools and tips for VB programmers. Optimization, documentation, add-ins.

Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go: The Internet's most complete source of free downloadable programming files, source codes, utilities, Visual Basic, C/C++, JAVA, and other tools for programmers and developers. All files and links are organized in an easy-to-find format.

Visual Basic Jobs: Another excellent VB job site which you can use to search through a huge list of Visual Basic jobs across the U.S. Excellent site offering programming tutorials in many categories.

VB Code: This very popular site contains many VB code samples and snippets which you can search through.

VB Web Directory: Contains a huge index of Visual Basic Resources. Contains links, books, VB forums, job bank, and much more.

CodeGuru: An information resource for Visual Basic programmers. Contains information on all aspects of Visual Basic.

VB Accelerator: An excellent general Visual Basic site providing up to date VB news, tips, and many source code samples.

Visual Basic Expert: This site is for serious VB developers, huge amounts of professional code for download, help forum, developer resources, book reviews, online training and more..

Developers Domain: This site contains free code downloads, message boards, links, and much more.

Visual Basic Bookmark: A comprehensive directory of programming resources and development information for Visual Basic programmers, Database developers & web designers. The Source Code Site: The largest amount of Visual Basic source code on the Internet. Other features include a chat room and message board. You can get 50 MB for your own web site on .

Planet Source Code: Contains thousands of lines of source code which you can copy and paste directly into your own applications. Some of the code is in downloadable zip files.

VB Web - The online guide to VB- Over 120 downloads, and Tutorials on Commands, Controls, Windows API, Subclassing, Debugging and more. We also have Links, a Free Newsletter and Book Reviews. Fully Searchable.

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